While you can play bingo for very little money and win something back, there are also some good jackpots to be claimed.

Catherine Zeta-Jones even famously managed to get into stage school as her family won enough money playing bingo to send her there. In 2008 a cleaner from Scotland won £1.2 million at bingo and is believed to be the biggest bingo winner in the world. Soraya Lowell, 38, from Hamilton in Lanarkshire won the National Bingo Game and its Platinum Jackpot, netting £1,167,795, which she split with her neighbour.
At the time Mrs Lowell said: “We always share whatever either of us wins and this time will be no different.”

Mrs O’ Neill added: “I have had a rough time the last three years – I have been very ill and Soraya has cared for me which meant my husband did not have to retire early.

“She has been wonderful to me. What she has done for me is absolutely something else.”

And while Mrs Lowell was playing in a bingo hall there are also big wins to be had online. Someone from the UK with the screen name efprazia won £430,900 on the progressive Lucky Ladies 88 bingo jackpot that runs at Bet365, and it is thought to be the biggest ever online bingo win.

A player on William Hill Bingo has set what looks to be a world record for the fastest ever bingo win.
Darryl Howe from Moreton-in-Marsh scooped a huge £18,000 jackpot when he claimed full house after just 23 calls.

So it is possible to win big at bingo all it takes is to play the game and have fun while you are doing and you never know you could win that jackpot. And with some sites offering no deposit bonuses you could even play for free and who knows your luck could be in. If, however, you don’t win it’s still a fun and exciting game to play with a great social aspect too. Visit Bingo Surfer, one of most reputable bingo sites and learn something more!