The aim of this video is to make you aware that advanced players will bet on the turn or river card when a scare card hits.

First of all you have to identify who the advanced players are on the table. I was playing with this player for a while in this session and saw them making a lot of squeeze plays, which I added to my player notes. When you come back to player notes you can pickup information which you would have forgotten about otherwise, so make use of them.
What I mean by squeeze plays is when someone would limp into the pot, they would raise the pot to try and steal the dead money. From this read alone I can identify they are an advanced player.

In this hand I was dealt pocket 9’s in BB. The advanced player raised the pot in position and I decide to call to see a flop.

The flop comes 882 which is a good flop for my hand. The initial raiser makes a standard continuation bet which they would do on this board texture, so I call.

The turn card is a K, which is a scare card for me. A high card like a A or K is a scare card because if they were making a squeeze play with a premium hand like AK then they have hit. However, considering they have been aggressive with squeeze plays, they were definitely raising pre flop with a much wider range of hands.

So when they bet the turn scare card, I decide to call. The river goes check/check and I win the pot. If villain had made a large bet on the river, then I would consider they may have the K.