Many popular games have different variations of them that develop over time. People find this refreshing when they can learn a twist on an old favorite. New players also like exploring these varieties and selecting the game that they best enjoy. These variations are found in many popular casino games. Roulette is one such game that has several versions from which one can choose to play. There are two main variations of roulette. These are American Roulette and European Roulette. Both variations can be found at Betfair’s online casino. Probably the most widely played roulette variation is European Roulette. You can also check for more info about this.

This game features it own unique roulette wheel. The numbers featured on it are only thirty-seven. This is the smallest number of numbers found on any roulette wheel. Therefore as a result, the houses odds are a bit lower than in other roulette variants. The house’s edge is 2.57% over players. If you want to think of it in terms of money, for every £100 pounds a player wagers on European Roulette, they should get back £97.43 over time. The house would only take £2.57. Of course, this is statistically speaking and we all know that what actually happens can vary either way. These better odds have helped to make European Roulette the preferred roulette variation of many worldwide. American roulette is another version of the game. The American Roulette wheel contains a number that is not found on the European wheel. A double zero is included which increases the total numbers on the wheel from 37 to 38. The numbers on the American Roulette wheel are placed in pairs around the entire circumference of the roulette wheel. Therefore, the house’s odds do improve with this additional number. With American Roulette the house’s odds are 5.26%. To illustrate this again using money, say you wager £100 over time. You can expect to only win back £94.47 of it. The house would win £5.26. Again, this is what is expected and probable but may not be the actual events. Some do like American roulette because with diminished odd, the payouts can sometimes be greater.